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May 6th, 2009


You are now visiting the old homepage of swedish pop band Lacrosse. Please go here if you want to look at the new one!

Or take a look at our video for the song: We are kids.

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May 1st, 2009

Hard work mixed with pure joy and laughter, blended with salty tears. These factors made it possible to give birth to our longed-for love child. Our new album BANDAGES FOR THE HEART now walks the streets… To present this album in a worthy fashion the web site is currently under re-construction. Of course we’ve put our best man on the job.Meanwhile please visit for further information about the release and upcoming shows. Don’t miss La PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA this Friday May 8 at Debaser, Slussen in Stockholm because our newborn WILL BE CELEBRATED!

Cheers for nowLacrosse

Lyrics: So sad

March 31st, 2009

Ok, on popular and recurring demand, here are some more lyrics. Did you know Vincent Gallo released an EP back in 2001 called “so sad”? We didn’t either!

So sad

You say you see a darkness in daylight, so you forget and pause a while

But you never really stay sad, lots of friends and aquaintances

And you wanna be the one whos glad – in everyones company

You say you were once as young as me

Remember what it’s like to be so so sad

If you fall, I’ll welcome you with open arms into the dark night

And I’m a bit like Terrence Hill, I might seem cool but underneath

I am just as scared and sad as you, and if you stay a while and pause you see

I will make you smile and I wont talk

about depressions or about me just you/ about depressing stuff like me, just you

If you fall, I’ll welcome you with open arms into the dark night

And if you find what you think that you need, I wont say I know better than you

Cos if you’re really truly glad I wont tell you that it might pass too

And I swear I’ll never tell you to but you should build a house down here you too

Sneak preview!

February 21st, 2009

Grondal studio, Rickard and Nina

Our second album “Bandages for the heart” will be released this may but you can already listen to three of the songs on our MYSPACE-page. It’s not the whole songs but glimpses of what’s coming. Hope you like it!


February 20th, 2009

A lot of people ask our guitar player Henrik exactly how he plays the song: “You can’t say no forever”. And he has been kind enough to share it with the world. It’s open D-tuning. Enjoy!


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